Lithuanian Flavours | Lietuviški skoniai

Lithuanian Flavours | Lietuviški skoniai

21 May 2024 - 13 Jul 2024

Squires Coffee House (In Peterborough Museum)

Explore the vibrant and delightful world of Lithuanian cuisine through the eyes of talented artist Justina Cenauskaite. Her engaging illustrations, displayed in our Squires Coffee House, bring traditional Lithuanian recipes to life, adding a touch of fun and creativity to each dish.

Lithuanian Flavours | Lietuviški skoniai

Family Workshops

Alongside the exhibition, families are invited to participate in free children's crafting workshops. These interactive sessions offer a wonderful opportunity to learn about Lithuanian food and popular dishes in an engaging and hands-on way.

Illustrate My Favourite Dish

Sat 15 Jun & Sat 6 Jul, 1.30-3pm - FREE

Join us for an exciting and interactive art session where children can explore their favourite foods through drawing!

Activity details:

  1. Discussion: We'll start by chatting with the children about their favourite dishes and what they enjoy eating. Do they prefer eating from a special plate or a bowl?
  2. Draw your plate/bowl: The young artists will then draw a plate or a bowl from which they would like to eat.
  3. Draw your favourite dish: Next, they’ll draw their favorite dish or something they would like to have for dinner today, along with the ingredients that go into it.
  4. Cut and paste: Once the illustrations are ready, we will cut them out and stick them onto a colored paper sheet.
  5. Name your dish: Finally, we’ll help the children write the name of their dish and its ingredients on the coloured paper.

This activity not only sparks creativity but also allows children to express their culinary preferences in a fun and engaging way!

Free - Limited spaces only, book your space online.

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