Shh Sundays

Posted on: 23/08/2023

Join us on a Shh Sunday (the first Sunday of the month) at Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery, ideal for anyone looking for a quieter or more relaxed visit.

Busy museum galleries and noisy interactives can have an impact on visitors with sensory access requirements. Therefore we have launched Shh Sundays where we offer a quieter museum visit. All of our interactives and gallery sounds will be switched off, the lighting adjusted (where possible) and visitors will be asked to wander our galleries mindful of others. There will also be a quiet space set aside for those who wish to escape the noise completely.

Everyone is welcome, however these Shh Sundays are tailored for – but not limited to – children, young people and adults with autism; people with social, emotional, or mental health needs; adults living with dementia; and any other visitors with sensory needs or who may prefer a calmer experience.

We certainly don’t expect you to be silent though – we hope you have fun exploring the museum galleries and really enjoy your visit!


Who can visit?

All are welcome during Shh Sunday, though this time is especially ideal for those who find the usual sounds of the museum more challenging.

What are the opening hours?

Shh Sunday is every first Sunday of the month and is open 10am - 1pm. Last entry time is 12.30pm.

What will be open to visit?

All our galleries and temporary exhibition spaces will be open.

Is the Coffee Shop open?

The Coffee Shop will be closed. The noises from the coffee machine and dishwasher could be found quite noisy and upsetting to some visitors.

Can I still purchase souvenirs?

Yes, the gift shop and reception desk will be staffed for visitors to buy from the shop or ask any questions.

Do I need to book?

The sessions are on a drop-in basis, with no need to book ahead.

Accessibility at Peterborough Museum?

For all our accessibility information, please click here.

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