Peterborough Railways

Peterborough Railways

13 Jul 2024- 21 Sept 2024

Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery

Journey back in time to witness the monumental impact of the railways on the city of Peterborough. From the arrival of locomotives to the birth of new industries, delve into a captivating exhibition that unveils the dynamic evolution of Peterborough’s landscape.

Showcasing a custom-built Peterborough East railway model crafted by the Market Deeping Model Railway Club for the exhibition.

Plus, a series of exciting talks will run alongside the exhibition. Scroll down for more details!

Peterborough Railways

Exhibition highlights:

The arrival of railways: Witness the dawn of a new era as railways connect Peterborough to the world, sparking a wave of economic and cultural change.

Economic impact: Explore the jobs, industries, and opportunities that flourished in the wake of railway expansion, transforming Peterborough into a thriving city.

Legacy of the railways: Discover how the railway's presence continues to influence Peterborough's landscape and identity, leaving an indelible mark on our city.

Peterborough Station today: Peek into our transportation network, Peterborough Station, and marvel at its evolution over time.

Nene Valley and Railworld Wildlife Haven: Embark on a nostalgic journey with Nene Valley Railway and Railworld Wildlife Haven, celebrating their role in preserving railway heritage for future generations.

Entertainment: Delve in the childhood favourite, Thomas the Tank Engine, and explore the films and TV shows that have been filmed at Nene Valley.

Physical exhibits: Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of railway artifacts, from vintage uniforms and signage to captivating photographs capturing Peterborough's railway evolution.


A history of The Nene Valley Railway: Keith Alexander and David Hands
Thu 1 Aug, 6-8pm

Experience the rich history of railways in this talk as we journey from Oundle to Peterborough, tracing the arrival of the original railway. Delve into the past with archive photographs of each station along the line, accompanied by insightful background information. Conclude your journey with a glimpse into the present at the Nene Valley heritage railway.

Peterborough's Railways: Brian Pearce MBE
Thu 8 Aug, 6-8pm

Join us for an engaging talk featuring an illustrated presentation by Brian Pearce MBE. Enjoy the early railway memories as we explore the beginnings of the Nene Valley Railway and Rev Richard Paten. Get up close with some of Peterborough's fascinating railway artifacts, providing insight into the history of our local transportation system.

Death on the line: A social history of the railway in Victorian Peterborough: Sophie Michell
Mon 19 August, 6-8pm

The arrival of the railway in Peterborough in 1845 changed the landscape of the city and revolutionised the lives of the residents. Join Sophie Michell as she reveals the reality of life, work and death on the Victorian railway, through inquest records. (This talk is not suitable for children under twelve.)

Peterborough Trams, a distant memory: Brendan Fox
Thu 5 Sep, 6-8pm

Explore Peterborough's historic electric tram network, which operated from 1903 to 1930, paving the way for today's Stagecoach buses. Join us for a visual tour of the tram routes to Walton, Dogsthorpe, and Newark through captivating photographs. Discover the mechanics behind the trams and uncover intriguing details such as staff wages. Uncover the evolution of transportation before and after the tram era, sparking an exploration of Peterborough's vibrant history.

The Wagon Group: Tim Hobman
Wed 18 Sep, 6-8pm

Tim Hobman is responsible for the Wagon museum at Nene Valley Railway. He will be talking about the project and importance of wagons on the railway.

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