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Peterborough Museum holds a wide ranging collection amassed over 130 years. Many objects have national and international importance, such as the Jurassic marine reptiles, and finds from Prehistoric and Roman Peterborough.

Some objects have remarkable stories behind them, for example the Napoleonic Craft-work made by prisoners of war at Norman Cross. You can also find out about Peterborough’s development and the daily life of Peterborough's people, both past and present, through the Social History collection.

Explore select items from our collections and find out about making donation, loan and research enquiries bellow.

Collections Online

Peterborough museum is committed to sharing information about the collections as widely as possible, and will be working on getting our approx. 200,000 objects searchable on line as soon as we can.

While we work on that, please feel free to use our enquiry service if you have any questions regarding the collection. For more information please visit our Using the Collections page.

Collection Highlights

Simolestes vorax

Iron Age Sword

The Must Farm Boats

Norman Cross Palace

Collections Services

Using the Collections

Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery has an ever growing collection of archaeological and cultural objects discovered professionally, by hobbyists and through donations. On request the Museum can provide access to the collections for academic and personal research purposes. For More information on using our collections, making a donation, loan enquiries, collections care advice, or to view our policies, visit our Using the Collections page.

The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)

The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a national programme which assists with the recording of archaeological finds discovered by members of the public. The scheme aims to help finders have their objects identified and recorded, as well as providing specialist advice on conservation and storage. The finds are recorded centrally on a national database, which can be accessed over the Internet. To learn more about the services provided at Peterborough Museum visit finds identification services (PAS)

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Archaeological Archives

Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery is the repository for Archaeological archives generated within the area administered by Peterborough City Council.

Professional and community organisations performing fieldwork within the PMAG collecting area, or that will be depositing with us must follow the guidance outlined in our Archaeological Archive Standards document.

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