Anglo-Saxon Treasures (KS2)

KS2 School Session: History, Art, English, SMSC
Sessions from £210 per group

The Peterborough area lays on the boundary of two great Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, Mercia, to the west, and East Anglia to the east. The abbey at Peterborough was founded by Mercian royalty during the second half of the 7th century and came to acquire large amounts of land. With the abbey came also the beginnings of the settlement that would eventually grow to become the medieval town.

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Discovering the Anglo-Saxon Past

Excavate a trench to reveal an Anglo-Saxon woman and the objects she was buried with. Then use the objects and other evidence to find out about her life.

Treasure Craft

Explore the theme of ‘treasure’ further as you take inspiration from the collection to create your own treasure to take back to school. Our inspiration will be Anglo Saxon brooches on display.

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