Vladyslava and Anastasiia Kokhanchyk

Posted on: 17/06/2024

Refugee Week . 17 – 22 June

To mark refugee week we are hosting a pop-up exhibition of artwork from Vladyslava and Anastasiia Kokhanchyk, aged 11 and 8, who are two talented sisters hailing from Kherson, Ukraine. As you wander round the museum artworks from the sisters will sit next to pieces from our permanent art collection along our hallways.

Vladyslava and Anastasiia Kokhanchyk, aged 11 and 8, are two talented sisters hailing from Kherson, Ukraine.

Since childhood, Vladyslava demonstrated a big passion for art, eagerly wielding her pencil to sketch anything that caught her imagination, from nature's wonders to fantastic worlds. Inspired by her older sister, Anastasiia eagerly joined in, finding joy in expressing herself through art.

Their summers by the sea in Kherson served as a wellspring of inspiration, fueling their creativity with the beauty of the coastal landscape. Upon returning to the city each fall, they enthusiastically attended Kherson Art College, immersing themselves in various artistic inspirations, from sculpting with clay to painting and crafting their own unique projects.

However, their idyllic world was shattered when war came to their homeland in February 2022, forcing the sisters into hiding in the depths of underground shelters. Two agonizing months passed under the oppressive shadow of Russian occupation, during which their artistic pursuits were forcibly put on hold. Emerging from this dark chapter with resilience, they eventually found refuge in England, Peterborough, where the kindness and openness of the English people provided them with a sense of safety and hope. It was here that they rediscovered their passion for creation, resuming their studies at Kherson College online.

Now, fueled by their experiences and emboldened by their newfound sanctuary, Vladyslava and Anastasiia are eager to share their creativity with the world once more, inviting you to join them on their artistic journey.

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