Digital Resources

Here us our pick of handy resources for learning about local history. This list does not cover everything, but will give a good starting point for learning about Peterborough and its surroundings. If you know of another great resource we have missed, we would love to hear about it

Wider Resources

NLScotland Maps

The National Library of Scotland has a fantastic selection of maps available to browse online. Some of which date all the way back to the 1500's! Check out there copyright page for an easy guide to image reuse. Image: CC-BY (NLS)


ARCHI is an amazing resource for exploring old maps and modern LIDAR images. Image: ARCHI MAPS UK. LIDAR Composite DTM 2020 courtesy of Environment Agency copyright.

The National Archives

The National Archives are tasked with safeguarding over a thousand years of UK history! You can search through their online databases, request information, and access their resources for teachers and schools.

B.Newspaper Archive

With over 70 million pages to view, the British Newspaper Archive is an amazing resource for local and national news from 1700's to the present day.

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