REUNIONS: Photography Exhibition

REUNIONS: Photography Exhibition

13 Jan 2024 - 23 Mar 2024

Peterborough Museum & Art Galley
REUNIONS:  Photography Exhibition

Legendary Peterborough photographer, Chris Porsz, showcases his recreated candid photographs snapped on the local streets of the city spanning over 40 years.

Enjoy this fascinating and retrospective exhibition up close and witness how the passage of time affects us all.

Wander around your home town or city, choose random strangers that capture your imagination and take their pictures. Then like a good wine wait for three or four decades for them to mature and without any contact details see if you can find and then persuade them to return to the same place for a second photograph. Fortunately many jumped at the chance, and with sheer determination and faith in his unique project he completed over three hundred reunions. The resulting books, Reunions and Reunions 2, achieved worldwide acclaim and now you can enjoy this fascinating then and now exhibition up close and see how the passage of time affects us all.

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