10 May 1941: WWII (KS2 & KS3)

KS2 & KS3 School Session
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Bring history alive with a day full of costumed interpreters and discover how the museum building and its people played their role in WWII as you step back in time to one specific day in 1941. As London experienced their longest and worst night of the Blitz, bombs dropped on the Priestgate area in Peterborough.

The story for the day is that the children have just recently arrived at Peterborough North Station and have been brought to the Museum building for safety before being billeted to new families.

Before the visit, classes are given names of children who were evacuated to Peterborough during WWII. It will be great if you arrive on the day with your names on stickers.

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Email: mercy.wilson@peterboroughlimited.co.uk

Learning Objectives

Participating in these ‘WWII’ activities, pupils will:

  • Study an aspect of history and a site that is significant in the locality.
  • Develop a greater understanding, knowledge and appreciation of their local history and the past way of life.
  • Develop an understanding of how our understanding of the past is constructed from a range of sources. Identify, understand and appreciate what impact WWII had on the local area.
  • Make statements and inferences based on evidence.
  • Use spoken language to develop understanding through speculating, hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas.

National Curriculum links: History, English PSHE.

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“Great hands-on activities and all very accommodating with lovely staff”

-Teacher from Woodston Primary School

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