Evidence for Evolution (KS2 & KS3)

KS2 & KS3 School Session

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Peterborough Museum has an extensive and impressive palaeontology collection and our Jurassic gallery depicts an environment that existed 150 million years ago and the creatures that inhabited it.

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Meet Mary Anning
Discover more about the famous fossil collector's life growing up in the 19th Century, about her work with fossils and then handle some objects which encourages pupils to think about the effects the discoveries had on society and the scientific understanding at the time.

The Colour of Nature
Colour as a form of adaptation is the focus for this session. Pupils will explore museum specimens to see how animals today use colour to adapt to their environment and to maximise their chance of survival and reproduction.

Human Evolution
This hands-on workshop challenges pupils to explore the evolutionary relationships between present day and ancient humans, collectively known as hominins.

Paleo Art
Pupils will apply their knowledge of adaptation in the present and in the fossil record to create a piece of paleo art; bringing to life the Jurassic seas whilst utilising and developing their scientific, analytical and artistic skills.

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“Students seemed really engaged throughout the workshop and produced some really high quality work. The level of content was spot on as students were able to understand the content, use their prior knowledge and develop new skills and knowledge.”

- Teacher at Hampton College

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