Tudor Peterborough (KS2)

KS2 School Session
£250 per class

Peterborough Museum is built on the site of a Tudor mansion, Neville Place, built by Sir Humphrey Orme, a courtier to King Henry VIII. Part of this original building is visible today down in the museum’s vaults. We offer a half day visit.

Dress like a Tudor
Get up close to some of our Tudor portraits and, through questioning and close observation, discover what these portraits tell us about the sitters and the Tudors.

Meet a Tudor Barber Surgeon
The Tudor period was a time of very nasty diseases and even nastier cures. Travel back to 1574 learn how your own Tudor ailment might have been cured. Each class will take a pomander back to school and may even be able to use the museum's 'Medicine through Time' garden to collect the necessary herbs.

Discover Tudor Peterborough (optional extra if you would like to extend your stay)
With a Tudor costumed guide, go on a guided tour of the city following a Tudor map of the city. Look out for evidence of Tudor Peterborough and imagine life in a different time.

National Curriculum links: History, English, Science.

Booking enquiries

Call: 01733 864 731
Email: mercy.wilson@peterboroughlimited.co.uk

Learning objectives
  • In this 'Tudor Peterborough' day, pupils will:
  • Explore a historical site that is significant in the locality.
  • Discover how several aspects of national history (the reformation, the plague) are reflected in the locality.
  • Study an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066.
  • Experience through role play, an aspect of social history, such as health from the romans, Tudors to the present.
  • Discover how we can find out about the past by studying portraits.
  • Discover what portraits can tell us about the lives of significant historical people in their locality.
  • Show an understanding of aspects of Tudor life and be able to note change, cause, similarity and difference, and significance.
  • Understand how past knowledge of medicinal herbs has been useful in developing modern drugs.
  • Understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.
  • Participate in discussions, role-play, improvisations and debates.

Available as a half day or extended as a full day with a Tudor tour around the city centre. You may also wish to consider a dual-site visit with Peterborough Cathedral (organised separately).

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