Under the Jurassic Sea (EYFS & KS1)

EYFS & KS1 School Session
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150 million years ago, this area was under a shallow tropical sea, teeming with life. Peterborough Museum has a superb, internationally important collection of fossils from the Jurassic period, all found locally. Discover what creatures swam in these prehistoric seas.

Become a palaeontologist
Go under the sea and unearth real fossils. Find out what these tell us about life millions of years ago and what we know about the people who found them. Observe, enquire, identify, record, classify and present your findings (and have a chance to meet famous fossil hunter Mary Anning).

Jurassic Clay Creatures and their Habitats
Get crafty and model a Jurassic sea creature out of clay. Then make a paper craft habitat for your creature to safely live in.

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Learning Objectives
  • Participating in these ‘Under the Jurassic Sea’ activities, pupils will:
  • Make observations of the fossils and the marine reptiles.
  • Talk about features of the marine reptiles’ environment.
  • Use spoken language to develop understanding of this past life and landscape through speculating, hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas.
  • Participate in discussions and presentations.
  • Work scientifically.
  • Describe and compare the structure of a variety of marine reptiles and also compare to our human body.
  • Explore and compare the differences between things that are living to those that are now extinct.
  • Identify that these marine reptiles lived in habitats to which they were suited and this links with living things and their habitats today.
  • Learn more about the work and the significance of fossil hunters and palaeontologists including Mary Anning, Alan dawn and the Leeds brothers.

National Curriculum links: History, English, Science, Art.

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“The people delivering the activities were knowledgeable and worked very well with the children. Activities were engaging and age appropriate”

- Teacher from Hampton Hargate Primary

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