Victorian Medicine (KS2 - KS4)

KS2 and adaptable to suit Medicine in Time with KS3 & KS4
Sessions from £210 per group

From 1857 to 1928, the museum building was the Peterborough Infirmary, the first hospital for the city. Step back to 1901 and experience Victorian life in rare original spaces.

Before your day, you will be sent the name, age and occupation of patients who were recorded on the 1901 census records. Why not come on the day as patients with these names!

As the pupils arrive at the start of the day, they are given a Victorian ailment. Throughout the day, pupils will discover how their symptoms would have been treated in this late Victorian period and are asked to consider the responses and impact of the new ideas at this time.

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Meet the Doctor in our original Victorian operating theatre
In this session our Victorian Doctor will explain and demonstrate how illnesses and ailments were treated in this impressive "brand new" (in 1901) light, clean and airy operating theatre.

Make Medicines with our Apothecary and Meet Nurse Reynolds
Discover how plants were used to treat symptoms and mix a few remedies yourself in the original Victorian kitchen with the Apothecary.

Then meet the ghost of Nurse Reynolds in the Priestgate Vaults and discover more about her life.

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