Virtual: Jurassic Classification: The Case of the Mystery Creature (KS2)

A live, online lesson that allows you to access the Museum from your classroom.

KS2 (Year 4)

£70 per one class at a time
Session lasts 45 mins-1 hour

Discover how scientists use classification to identify and describe extinct animals. Deep within the stores of the museum our curators have stumbled across a mystery fossil specimen. Working scientifically, you will join museum experts to classify and identify creatures that lived millions of years ago in the Jurassic seas.

This workshop is the perfect introduction to the subject of classification, or equally to consolidate knowledge on the topic. Students will be able to participate in a scientific process in a real-world setting, looking at real collection items and watching videos from professionals at both Peterborough Museum and the Natural History Museum in London.

Through this interactive workshop, the class must use observation to draw conclusions, ask relevant questions, make predictions, use classification keys, assess sources, find out how scientists use evidence.

Learning Objectives -
  • Recognise that living and extinct creatures can be grouped in various ways
  • Record findings through scientific language, drawings and labelling diagrams
  • Describe, sort and identify Jurassic creatures through a classification key
  • Understand what museum & science professionals do in their roles
Equipment required -
  • Internet connection
  • Screen / projector
  • Sound
Booking enquiries -

Call: 01733 864 731

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