Research Visits

Research Visits

Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery welcomes research visits. Access to the museums collections are by appointment only. To organise your visit, please complete a Research Visit Request Form and return it to

We ask that requests are provided at least four weeks prior to your requested visit date. Please be as specific as you can about what you want to see and why, this will help us to deal with your request as quickly as possible.

Human Remains

Our Collections

The remains of over 500 individuals are retained and safeguarded by Peterborough Museum, dating from the prehistoric to the early-medieval periods. We recognise the contribution that the research of human remains has on our understanding of the past, but also our duty of care for the remains in our collections.

To safeguard these collections for the future, access is restricted to authorised staff, researchers and visitors. Access will be granted on a case by case basis. All applications are subject to an enhanced review process and as such may take longer to process. We recommend submitting applications for human remains research at least eight weeks prior to your requested visit date. Staff, researchers and visitors will be reminded of their ethical obligations and will be expected to follow the conditions and policies of PMAG.

To organise a research visit please complete a Human Remains Research Request Form and return it to All applicants are expected to ensure they have read our Care of Human Remains Policy.


We are currently working on making our inventory freely available online. Until that is available a full inventory of the human remains retained by Peterborough Museum, can be obtained by emailing

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