Really Roman Day (KS2)

KS2 School Session
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Peterborough Museum has a fantastic collection of Roman finds that tell the local Roman story of Durobrivae, from fortress to prosperous Roman town. There are four activities in this full day where pupils experience what life might have been like in Roman Britain.

Life in Durobrivae
As Roman slaves, help prepare for a special banquet at Castor Palace including chores in the kitchen and buying food from the Durobrivae market stall.

Pottery Apprentice
Learn the skills of a Roman potter. Make a Roman pot or a face inspired by our Roman collection to take back to school unfired.

Meet a Roman surgeon
Meet either a Roman surgeon to find out first hand about health and hygiene.

Archaeology Detectives
Discover what Archaeology tells us about the Romans. Handle real Roman pottery fragments and look for evidence in the gallery.

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Learning objectives
  • Participating in this Really Roman day, pupils will:
  • Develop a chronological understanding of the Roman period.
  • Develop an understanding of how our understanding of the past is constructed from a range of sources.
  • Understand what impact the Roman Empire and Romanisation had on the local area.
  • Develop analytical skills when identifying Roman artefact.
  • Gain confidence in participating in discussions and presentations.
  • Improve mastery in sculpture techniques using clay.

We offer two different Roman day sessions as part of our heritage program - one at Flag Fen and this one at the museum. At Flag Fen, you will meet a Roman soldier and Boudica as part of your day. At the museum, you will meet a Roman surgeon as part of your day. For more information on the Flag Fen session please see “Building a Roman Empire”

National Curriculum links: History, English, Art.

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