The Vaults

The Vaults Tour

Take part in a Vaults tour and venture down into the Museum’s cellars. Explore layers of history, rarely seen by the public and hear the stories of the people who once lived and worked within the building.

Brought to life through projections, characters from this buildings history, will take you through 500 years of changing hands and uses. From the grand home of a wealthy Tudor Family, to the cities first infirmary. Not all tails are for the faint of heart however as you hear a selection of stories from one of Peterborough’s most haunted buildings.

The Priestgate vaults are accessed via a steep set of stairs and are inaccessible to wheelchair users. Projections, flashing lights and loud noises are used during the tour.

Tours last approximately 40 minutes. The Vaults tour is not recommended for children under the Age of 8.

Escape the Priestgate Vaults

Take part in one of the three immersive escape rooms based on the Museum building and its changes through time. Can you Hunt for the hidden information about the King in Sir Humphrey Ormes Tudor House? Thomas Cooke has stashed away some valuable treasures in his Wine Cellar, do you have what it takes to steal them before he notices? Or, are you brave enough to save one of your own team mates from being Buried Alive?

You will be locked in the room with 60 minutes to solve all of the puzzles to escape. Plenty of riddles, brain teasers and clues to work through, these escape rooms will be no easy challenge!

Due to the nature of the environment and the difficulty of the games, these rooms are for family teams only or groups of people aged 16 and above.

The Games

The Hunt

The country is in turmoil and a civil war is raging across the land. Charles I has escaped captivity and is on the run from Oliver Cromwell's forces. It is believed Charles has confided in the Orme family as to where he has fled, so you must ransack his residence to find clues and the important information that will lead the Roundheads to his location. You have 60 minutes though before the Orme family return!

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The Great Wine Cellar Swindle

It’s 1840 and you are a guest at one of Thomas Cooke’s famous banquets. As usual the wine is flowing, and Thomas is bragging about the rare treasures him and his family have acquired from around the globe. Except tonight he accidentally let slip the location of where they keep those treasures.

You have spiked his drink with a sedative, which knocks him out cold for 60 minutes! Enter the Wine Cellar, crack the puzzles to gain access to the treasures and steal them before he awakens!

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Buried Alive

Your friend is locked in the mortuary, misdiagnosed with a terminal illness and left to die. Free them from their coffin and escape the Mortuary before you all end up buried alive!

Please note: This game contains shocks and surprises throughout. You will need to select one member of your team to be locked in an oversized coffin. They still have puzzles to solve in there, so they can't just sleep!

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Private Hire & Ghost Hunts

The Priestgate Vaults are available for limited commercial opportunities and private hire, for more information on private tours and group bookings please visit our Group Visits page.

If you are a commercial ghost hunting company or a private research group, who would like to hire the museum and or vaults for a night, contact the museum directly on 01733 864663 or email

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