Our Galleries

Our Galleries

From Mansion to Museum, discover the changing faces of Peterborough Museum and the city in which it sits as you explore millions of years of Peterborough’s history, from Jurassic Seas and Roman fortresses, to the advent of the railways and modern industry.

Jurassic Gallery

Peterborough stands on dry land today, but the sea bed beneath our feet is packed with clues from the past. Learn about Jurassic Peterborough as you explore one of the world’s finest collections of Jurassic marine reptiles, including unique specimens of Ichthyosaurs, Pliosaurs and Plesiosaurs. Large print guide.

Ice Age Gallery

Learn about how the Ice Ages have changed our landscapes and the creatures who lived here during these changing periods, from warm weather Elephants and Hippopotami to the now extinct Mammoths and Woolly Rhinos that once roamed this area. Large print guide.

Wildlife Gallery

From grasslands to gardens, wetlands to woodlands, Peterborough and its surroundings provide perfect homes for a rich diversity of plants and animals. Our city contains a surprising range of habitats and species, in the most urban of settings, as well as in the fields, woodlands and fens. In this gallery you can explore the species of plant and animal that thrive in each environment. Large print guide.

Archaeology Gallery

Showcasing some 500 finds mainly from archaeological excavations in Peterborough, this gallery tells a unique and remarkable story, shedding light on technological advances and important historical events whilst revealing the everyday lives of the people of Peterborough from Prehistory to the Medieval period. Large print guide.

The Victorian Operating Theatre

Explore this building’s medical history, in one of the countries last surviving historic operating theatres. Discover the grisly surgical practices of the past, with displays of original surgical equipment and learn about the people who lived, worked and died in the infirmary, including the tragic end of one of England’s pioneering radiographers. Large print guide.

Norman Cross Gallery

In 1796, the first known, purpose built prisoner of war camp in the world was established just outside of Peterborough. This gallery explores the fascinating history of the Napoleonic prisoner of war camp at Norman Cross, its inhabitants, and the beautiful objects of art and crafts that were created there. The Norman Cross gallery exhibits a unique collection of intricate bone models, automata and straw marquetry, showcasing some of the finest works in our collection. Large print guide.

Changing Lives Gallery

Three centuries of our cities development are explored in this gallery, from a rural backwater to a bustling modern multicultural city. Discover how the coming of the railways, two world wars and increasing affluence changed the lives of the people and the city in which they lived. Large print guide.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery houses temporary and touring exhibitions featuring both local and nationally renowned artists, showcasing all forms of art. Art Gallery is situated on the ground floor of the museum and spans over three rooms. This versatile space is also used for venue hire and hosts workshops.

Community Gallery

Our Community Gallery is a bright and open space in the heart of the museum, for displaying community projects and exhibitions curated with the community.
These exhibitions are often evolving and will provide a space in the museum for community stories to be told.

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